Preventing low back pain is easy, but much like looking after your teeth it requires some ongoing simple maintenance that needs to be built into your lifestyle.

1) Regularly interrupt periods of sitting (every 60 mins or so)/ bending forwards, and arch backwards as far as you can x5-6 repetitions while standing

2) Sit with good posture by using a lumbar roll to maintain the lumbar curve (lordosis)

3) Perform extension in lying (lying on your stomach and pushing up with your arms) x 10+ morning and night, to counter all the flexion (forward bending) that occurs with our lifestyle of sitting and bending all day

4) Walk regularly and maintain good general fitness (this has a protective effect on the spine)

5) Avoid sleeping in foetal position, if you are a side-sleeper as long as you straighten your bottom leg your spine with maintain its curve even if your top leg bends

6) If you go to the gym avoid seated leg exercises like leg-press (as the pressure on the discs is far greater in a seated position), and instead do standing leg exercises. Also avoid sit-ups/crunches as these are often provocative for disc problems.

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