Neck Pain – Armadale, Malvern, Toorak, Prahran

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  • Neck pain affects almost everyone! 75 % will have a significant episode in their life.
  • Many people will have chronic or recurring problems.
  • Poor sitting posture allowing the head to protrude forwards or frequent looking down (eg. drawing or writing) is the single biggest contributing factor.

The most common source of neck pain is the disc in the neck.

Many patients experience pain from the disc at the base of the neck, or off to one side. As the problem worsens pain is commonly felt in the shoulder blade.

If the disc problem is not addressed, it can bulge far enough to compress the exiting nerve behind the disc. This gives rise to pain down the arm and can include symptoms such as pain, aching, tingling and pins in needles anywhere from the shoulder to the hand.

It is the equivalent to Sciatica in the lower back, and is almost as common!