The McKenzie Method is a research proven approach created by New Zealand Physiotherapist Robin McKenzie (awarded the most influential clinician of any type in the field of Low Back Pain in the United States), and is now used in over 30 countries in the world.

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McKenzie Method – Armadale, Malvern, Toorak, Prahran

The McKenzie Method involves a thorough history and mechanical assessment (unlike most clinics we spend an hour on the initial assessment) that helps to correctly diagnose your problem and find a specific exercise which will give you instant relief of pain.

The main differences of the McKenzie Method compared to traditional Physiotherapy are as follows:

  • The Assessment Process involves the testing of Repeated Movements
  • Approximately 80% of patients will experience and immediate change to their symptoms
  • This allows us to determine which exercise you can perform, to “Treat Your-self” and give you instant relief.
  • The exercise that reduces your symptoms forms the basis of your “treatment”.
  • A large focus of the session is based on educating you how and why you developed your problem, what you can do to treat yourself, and how to resolve this episode and prevent future recurrences.

Why you should demand a McKenzie Method Assessment?

We are focused on teaching you how to relieve your own pain, which minimizes your number of visits to the clinic (typically 3-5).

  • We teach you how to resolve this episode and how to prevent and minimize recurrences.
  • 80% of patients respond to the McKenzie Method and get instant relief! And those that do not are quickly identified and do not waste valuable time and money.
  • Research shows that the McKenzie Method Assessment is at least as reliable as expensive imaging like MRI or CT at diagnosing painful discs.

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The best way to understand the McKenzie Method is to see it in action.

Watch a video on Miami expert Yoav Suprun (click on image below)