Our Lifestyle involves slouched sitting and bending all day!

  • Loss of the lordosis occurs with many lifestyle positions on a frequent basis. Loss of the lumbar lordosis whether prolonged (eg. Slouched sitting or sleeping curled up) or repeated (eg. Many daily activities such as vacuuming, emptying the dishwasher, ironing, putting make-up on or shaving) puts excessive strain on the disc.
  • Initially these lifestyle causes of regular loss of the lordosis put strain on the soft tissues such as the ligaments in the spine. At this stage pain is felt while sitting slouched or bending, but quickly disappears once you get out of the offending position.
  • As the process continues with SLOUCHED SITTING and repeated bending, overstretching of the ligaments occurs and eventually a tear in the cartilage part of the disc (the annulus).
  • As the inner 2/3 of the annulus has no nerve supply, many people find the pain seems to come on without warning (e.g.. with a simple sneeze, bend forward, or rising from a chair), as the damage may not produce pain at the time as it occurs in the non-painful part of the disc.
  • Once you develop a tear within the annulus, periods of loosing the LORDOSIS such as slouched sitting or bending, now allow the soft part of the disc (the nucleus) to move down the tear in the disc. THIS CAUSES THE DISC TO DEFORM IN SHAPE, AND IS THEREFORE CALLED A DISC BULGE.
  • If the disc bulges far enough to touch the nerve behind it, symptoms in the buttock or leg are produced. These leg symptoms are caused by compression of the large nerve caused the Sciatic nerve (Sciatica).
  • Symptoms in the legs may also be caused by chemical irritation of the nerve (rather than mechanical compression of the bulging disc). This is inflammation, and so the nerves are chemically irritated. This is why some people experience a huge relief with anti-inflammatory medications such as Prednisolone or Voltaren, and why others experience no change with them (as the symptoms are purely mechanical and not chemical in nature).