Approximately 80% of people respond to the McKenzie Method and are called “Responders”.

Majority of patients respond and experience relief within 1-2 sets of doing their Specific Exercise! That is they feel better within minutes!

Some patients show signs of improvement in the rooms although their response to the exercises is less dramatic. Frequently their symptoms still respond although a little slower. These patients (more frequently those that have had their symptoms for many months or years) usually start to show a clear response and get relief over 24-48 hours.

Typically within 1-2 sessions we can quickly identify if you are a “Responder” to the McKenzie Method, allowing you to rapidly identify if this is the best approach for you.

If you prove to be a “Non-Responder” (by far the minority!) we can at least ensure your time is not wasted by endlessly coming for treatment that will not benefit you. Failure to respond to the McKenzie testing often provides valuable diagnostic information, which can save you time and money on expensive imaging. It also allows us to give you information about what else you can do to get your problem resolved.