Upper Neck Problems:

  • These are common and typically give symptoms such as Headaches, Nausea, blurred or fuzzy vision, drowsiness and pain into the head/eyes.
  • Many upper neck symptoms resolve with correction of the lower neck (disc) problem and correction of the offending poor postural stresses.
  • Some upper neck problems are Primary (eg, not co-existing as part of a lower neck disc issue), and frequently respond to Retraction and Extension exercises. Others require Flexion or Rotation exercises to fully resolve them.
  • Other upper neck problems are actually caused by a LOWER BACK DISC PROBLEM. When a lumbar disc bulges more to one side (40%) this can lead to a wind-up of tension along one side of the spine and into the upper neck. This can even occur in the absence of low back pain.
  • Headaches caused by a lower back problem are extremely common. The presence of one sided lower back pain (or one sided sciatica) significantly increases the likelihood of your lower back being the cause of your tension headaches. As these can occur WITHOUT low back pain, the diagnosis is commonly missed by other health practitioners and doctors.