Headaches are a common source of pain and a frequent reason for consultation with physiotherapists and health professionals.

There are non-mechanical causes of headache such as vascular causes, true migraine, cluster headaches etc but there are also a number of headaches that arise from the upper neck (around 40% of all headache causes).

Some signs that increase the chance that your headache is mechanical are:

  • Neck pain associated with the onset of the headaches
  • Pain referred into the shoulder blade or arm
  • Transient dizziness that seems to coincide with the neck pain
  • Loss of neck movement, in particular stiffness with turning


Many headaches do prove to be mechanical, and often simple mechanical solutions such as exercises specific to the upper neck and posture correction will frequently sort out your problem.

A consultation with a Mckenzie trained practitioner can quickly reveal if your headaches are indeed mechanical, and can usually provide a rapid and effective mechanical solution.