Correction of Posture is critical to maintaining your improvement once regularly performing your specific McKenzie Exercise.

This exercise is identified after your initial consultation, and is often applied 2 hourly for a period of approximately 3 weeks (for the majority of patients).

Your specific McKenzie Exercise will bring about a reduction or Centralisation of your pain (this will be clearly explained to you in your consultation), which confirms it is the correct one for your condition.

Failing to correct your posture however will not allow the benefit of the exercises to be maintained, and give the rapid overall improvement.

It is similar to having a cut on your finger, and wanting the cut to heal. If you continue to bend the cut finger it will not heal effectively. The lack of maintaing correct posture is similar, and does not allow sufficient healing within the disc.

Correction of Sitting Posture

Once your particular back problem is almost pain free from regularly applying you specific exercise, and sitting with the lumbar lordosis regularly to allow healing to take place (often this takes 2-3 weeks and requires constant use of a McKenzie Lumbar Roll), you are now ready to learn the SLOUCH OVERCORRECT EXERCISE.

The SLOUCH OVERCORRECT EXERCISE is performed 2-3 x /day for 1-2 weeks, which is sufficient time and repetition for your brain to learn the new corrected sitting habit, and to build the muscular endurance to maintain it.

(Please note- applying this exercise before you have become pain free can provide significant risk to increasing your symptoms, as it involves a slouching component that typically aggravates disc injuries if performed prior to sufficient resolution of the underlying disc problem).