Headaches are a common source of pain and a frequent reason for consultation with physiotherapists and health professionals. There are non-mechanical causes of headache such as vascular causes, true migraine, cluster headaches etc but there are also a number of headaches that arise from the upper... Read More

Workstation Solutions

I like the use of standing workstations to reduce the amount of time we all sit, which tends to lead to a variety of health and musculoskeletal issues. I came across these products from badbacks.com that allow you to keep your existing desk (rather than purchase a new sit-stand desk) and convert it... Read More

Preventing Neck Pain

Simple tips to prevent neck pain (which often refers into the shoulder blade, upper trapezius and shoulder): 1) Sit with a lumbar roll (this will support your lower back curve which will correctly align your head/neck position) 2) Set you office space up so that all documents, computer screen etc... Read More

Preventing Low Back Pain

Preventing low back pain is easy, but much like looking after your teeth it requires some ongoing simple maintenance that needs to be built into your lifestyle. 1) Regularly interrupt periods of sitting (every 60 mins or so)/ bending forwards, and arch backwards as far as you can x5-6 repetitions... Read More

Plantar Fascia and Achillies pain not responding to treatment?

Plantar fascitis and Achilles problems can be chronic problems that frequently cause frustration as they often fail to respond to traditional treatments. People often look at general stretches, strengthening, footwear, orthotics and are still not improving. The MDT (Mckenzie method or mechanical... Read More

Lumbar support for your car

Get back pain while driving to work every day. Many traditional lumbar rolls are too big for the car with the natural contour of the car seat. The issue is not enough support without a lumbar roll and too much with a McKenzie D roll (excellent for the office though). A therapod insert is a great... Read More

The McKenzie Method (Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy)- Common Misconceptions

Most people do not know much about the McKenzie Method (also known as Mechanical diagnosis and Therapy or MDT). This includes the general public, but also many doctors, specialists and health professionals. This is surprising given it is strongly evidence based, and is practiced is close to 40... Read More

Do expensive imaging such as MRI help us diagnose you back problem?

MRI’s are often prescribed by doctors and specialists to help determine “the cause of your back pain”. Research clearly shows (Kent and Keating, 2004; Chou, 2007) that there is often a poor correlation between people’s clinical presentation and the scan results. In low back... Read More

McKenzie Method Exercises

This is not an exhaustive list of the McKenzie Method lower back exercises. These exercises should NOT be performed without the guidance of a fully trained McKenzie Practitioner! It is very important to ensure these exercises are only performed after consulting a McKenzie Practitioner first, as... Read More